Lauretana PET Natural Still 24 x 500ml


Remarkably our body expel about two litres of water per day which is the same amount of recommended intake.

Low in sodium Lauretana is recommended to those who are required to have low-sodium diets and particularly adapted for those who do sports activities, since it facilitates and favours diuresis (filtering of fluid by the kidneys) and moreover permitting a quick expulsion of the toxins (in Lauretana water the content is equal to 1.0 mg/l).

Lauretana is recommended for stimulating diuresis, eliminating the surplus of sodium and helping in the fight against the so-called cellulitis.

It is often recommended to boil the tap water for the safety of young children to destroy any bacteria that may be present. Indeed, Boiling is a good, however it does not eliminate the non-organic substances such as heavy metals and nitrates or the pharmacological residues. Hence why Lauretana known as the lightest water in Europe is recommended for particularly young children

LAURETANA is regularly examined by the German analysis laboratory ÒIndicatorÒ, in the practice test of high precision, in Lauretana water a single atom of uranium has been found (<0.02 ug per litre Ð the standard validation limit is established in 0.2 ug per litre).