A true gift of nature! Lauretana is bottled just as it comes out from its source, discovered more than half a century ago and bottled at the source situated in the glaciers of the eastern part of the Pennine Alps. The spring is positioned in a protected and uncontaminated environment far from civilisation and any artificial impurities that would normally be present where the water flows right to the source.

It has the lowest Sodium content of any mineral water in Italy, only 4.9mg / Litre making it ideal for low sodium diets. Drinking Lauretana aids digestion and will significantly improve muscle re-hydration after exercise as well as facilitates diuresis (filtering of fluid by the kidneys)

Lauretana offer a specialty designed bottle dedicated to the finest restaurants which distinguishes itself for its unique style, thanks to the exclusive bottles signed by Pininfarina which express with elegance the perfect synthesis between lightness and design.