The beautiful Southern Italian region of Calabria is a region blessed with richness beauty and history dating back millennia. A strip of land by the sea, and a terrain alternating with alpine passages, golden beaches, gentile hills, and rugged headlands which end at a turquoise sea. Its flora and fauna are varied, and its terrain is rich with volcanic soil. It is for this reason we have decided to source our produce from this area and is the defining factor to the truly unique flavour of our range of products.

Do you remember the flavour of the homemade sauces of your grandmother? Our Salsa della Nonna is an Italian specialty that will take you back to the flavours of the homemade sauces made by your grandmother.  Made from 100% vine ripened Italian tomatoes cultivated in Calabria and picked fresh just as the tomatoes become ripe. Our tomatoes are processed packed immediately within a few kilometres from where they are grown to preserve incredible flavour, aroma and colour that only tomatoes from this area have and giving them their homemade flavour.

Calabria also considered the region for the classic hot Italian Chilli, referred to as Diavoletti Calabrese (Calabrian Devils). Utilising plant ripened chilies from this region combined with artisanal production methods our Chopped Chilies, Diavoletto Calabrese and Bruschetta, are more potent in heat and fruiter in taste than other types of Chili.

We will strive always to preserve the flavours of this land with passion by following traditional production methods, utilising genuine, natural and vegan where possible ingredients renowned by their territory creating regional specialties of excellence, preserved naturally without artificial additives and transporting the flavour of Italy into your dishes and re- live the flavours and aromas of your grandparents.