In Italy for those who know quality gastronomy, it is impossible to consider the tradition of Christmas giving without thinking of Condorelli.

Do something different this year, give something distinctive that your receiver will cherish. creative gifts make the best impression. With a high portion of nut content Condorelli products make a truly distinctive gift for your family colleagues and friends.

Transport the true essence of Sicily into your own home and find out why Sicilian Pistachios, almonds and orange peels savored around the world.

Sold in the best grocers worldwide Condorelli is a name that symbolizes true artisan quality. Thanks to these finest local ingredients, Condorelli’s products are a perfect example of the intense flavours inherently found in its ingredients grown on Sicilian soil and impart a distinct nostalgic taste unlike any other. Pistachios from the soil of Mt. Etna, the soft and intensely aromatic Sicilian Almonds, Orange Blossom Honey and Citruses grown on the foothills of the Etna volcano are examples of the products that create truly a unique nostalgic flavour which cannot be replicated.

This Christmas be distinctive and creative by providing an impressionable gift that will truly show your receiver they mean the world to you by capturing the flavor of Sicily with your Christmas gifts. 

  • 100% Sicilian sourced Pistachios, Almonds and oranges from the foothills of the Etna Volcano
  • Condorelli contains a high proportion of nut content with 40% exclusively from Sicily
  • World Famous, Condorelli is found in the best grocers worldwide.
  • A name that symbolizes true artisan quality and recognized for authentic Sicilian flavours.
  • Close to 100 years of tradition dating back to 1933.
  • Produced at the foothills of the still active Etna Volcano